International journal of comparative literature


Managing Editor:
Karen Wang, All Terrain Publishing, UK

International Editorial Board

International Journal of Comparative Literature is an international, multi-lingual and open access periodical concerning comparative literature studies and literature translation practices. The journal is the first of its kind featuring (1) a bi-lingual or multilingual portal of dissemination (2) open access to disseminate to broadest readers (translators may not have straightforward access to journal articles subject to subscriptions) and (3) equal weight on outcomes from systematic research and ad hoc findings through translation practice, and (4) flexible formats of articles. The journal publishes two issues per annum (March and September), with a tentatively additional guest-edited special issue when a special interest arises.


The journal promotes cross-fertilization and attempts to break the barriers across disciplines, cultures, languages, communities and sectors. Articles may take the forms as listed below, innovative alternatives including disruptively novel and creative formats are equally welcome and encouraged with prior discussion with the EiC and editorial office.

· Research article following traditional research methods

· Comparisons (comparative work) with commentary

· Outcome from investigation using ad hoc methods

· Outcome from translation practice

· Critiques leading to tangible knowledge

To make a full article written in a language other than English, an English abstract and a more detailed précis in English are needed for indexing and search purposes. In addition, a graphical abstract or précis is encouraged to maximise the dissemination.

The journal invites expressions of interest for the roles of editor-in-chief, associate editors and board members. The interested may contact the editor of AT-Journals using the email address below for further information and starting a discussion.